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Helle Laursen
Nordic Compassion
Soendervang 12, 8654 Bryrup

Phone and whatsapp: +4530257548
VAT: 30761197

On Payment for Individual sessions

Sessions ordered and prepaid must be used within 6 months from the time of purchase. Then the opportunity to use the sessions lapses.

Agreed sessions must be cancelled per. mail no later than 24 hours before the agreed time, otherwise payment is due for the session. Alternatively you can connect with me on Whatsapp or Signal using my phone number +45 30257548


All material, including all information in courses, all exercises, audio files and insights shared via video, in writing or in audio files, should be considered as an inspiration provided without any warranty to the users of the material. 

I do not offer therapy. Classes, courses and individual sessions are skills training in how to use Self-Compassion to support yourself in your current situation.

As a user of any of my offerings, you as user are responsible for contacting a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist if you need therapy or any other form of relevant treatment. If you are already in a course of treatment, it is assumed that you are in dialogue with your therapist about how the strategies fit your situation.

Regarding individual sessions, as user you agree to the following points:

  • Helle is not and cannot be responsible for how you use any of my material or the information given in any of the individual sessions offered.
  • I understand and acknowledge that Helle Laursen is not a licensed therapist, and that she offers IFS sessions as part of her training toward an IFS practitioner license
  • I understand that IFS sessions with Helle Laursen are a skills training program, not therapy, and that they do not replace personal therapy.
  • I agree to assume all risk for any physical, mental, and/or emotional consequences of participating in this process
  • I specifically and expressly agree to hold harmless, indemnify and release Helle Laursen  from any and all liability for the results of the educational guidance that will be or has been provided
  • I understand that no guarantee is made as to the outcomes or results of these IFS sessions.
  • I understand that while IFS sessions may have therapeutic benefits, they are not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy. Helle Laursen's role in this is strictly as a facilitator and teacher, not as a psychotherapist. Thus, any interactions between myself and Helle Laursen should not be construed as psychotherapy and do not imply a clinical relationship between us. I agree that if I am in need of psychotherapeutic support or intervention, I will seek it through appropriate channels.

Everything puchased from Nordic Compassion, including all material accessed through the websites of Nordic Compassion, and everything you see or read on these websites is protected by copyright, unless otherwise stated. The content of the websites may not be used or reproduced in any form (copying, distribution, publication, display, teaching, etc.) without the written consent of Nordic Compassion.

Images and text belong to Nordic Compassion. Text and images may not be used or copied without written permission. Any unauthorized use of images and text may infringe copyright law and in the event of an infringement, a minimum of DKK 3,500.00 per image or text section in replacement. Nordic Compassion is not responsible for, and does not accept liability for damages or viruses that infect computer equipment or other property as a result of the use of this website. The same applies to any downloads of texts, images, material, data, video or audio from the websites of Nordic Compassion and related websites, e.g. and and

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Kind regards
Helle Laursen, founder of Nordic Compassion