What is self-compassion

Self-compassion is relating to ourselves with wisdom and kindness,
when we experience difficulties.

Compassion is relating to others with wisdom and kindness,
when they experience difficulties.

Self-compassion consists of

Instead of ignoring our pain or getting caught up in thoughts and emotions, we simply notice that we are hurting and acknowledge how it feels physically and emotionally.

Perspective of Common Humanity
Instead of feeling alone and inferior to others for experiencing this difficulty, we recognize that all human beings go through difficult times.

Instead of criticising ourselves, we simply offer ourselves comfort and support, as we would do to a dear friend.

Why does self-compassion matter?

How did you treat yourself the last time you felt bad? Research found that the majority of people in western culture find it easier to be compassionate to others than to themselves.

A lack of self-compassion and harsh self-criticism have been associated with depression, burnout and worse outcomes when you have a mental health problem.

Greater self-compassion has been consistently associated with better mental health and wellbeing, better physical health and with more satisfying relationships.

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Doubts and misgivings of self-compassion

  “Do we not become lazy or more self-centeret or weak? Does our society not need us to develop more consideration and compassion for others instead?”. We often have doubts regarding self-compassion. Luckily extensive research clears the fog.

Research shows we put more effort into pursuing our goals after failure when we motivate ourselves with self-compassion instead of self-criticism. Studies also show that self-compassion goes along with greater emotional resilience when faced with hardship and increased personal responsibility for one’s health, lifestyle choices and failures.

In other words, we become more resilient and have more capacity to be there for others in a sustainable and authentic way.  For more on the latest research, see Dr. Kristin Neff’s Website.

How can I become more self-compassionate?

We can all learn to be more self-compassionate.  If you have identified a need for greater kindness towards yourself, you can look into the formats I offer. If you are experiencing mental health problems, you are advised to consult with a licensed mental health clinician first.

Online courses

Learn Self-Compassion in your own pace

  • Audio and video courses, focused on making compassion a felt sense experience from day 1
  • Unlimited access to course material, and downloadable practices
  • Compassion practices are highly usable and easy to adapt to your personal situation

from € 150

Live training

The Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program

  • Live and live online training in the full MSC-program as developed by Germer and Neff.
  • Self-Compassion is closely linket to mental health and well being, and reducess stress, anxiety and depression
  • Direct experience of more than 20 practices, including how to twist each practice to your situation
  • My extensive experience ensures maximum benefit. I've taught the full program to 750 + participants
  • Relevant for professional as well as personal use
  • Counts as pre-requisite for MSC Teacher Training

from $ 475

Sign-up is done through the organizer. I teach for organizations in USA, India and China

Individual sessions

Integrate compassion in your life and work

  • Reduce caregiver fatique, lessen stress, anxiety or burnout
  • Through weekly or biweekly sessions I can support you in building ressources to fit your current challenges
  • Learn how to use compassion practices deeper and to specific challenges
  •  Learn to navigate in difficult feelings and circumstances with more ease
  • Enhance mental health and wellbeing for yourself and others
  • Easy payment with creditcard, and no extra fees on your side

from 150/hr

Discounted rates if you've taken the MSC course with me. Connect with me for more details.

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