Self-Compassion is relating to ourselves with support, warmth and wisdom

Let me show you how Self-Compassion can change your life


- is how we relate to ourselves and others, when we experience difficulties

-  reduces stress, anxiety, depression, self-criticism and burnout

- enhances your mental health

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Online courses

Learn Self-Compassion in your own pace

  • Audio and video courses, focused on making compassion a felt sense experience from day 1
  • Unlimited access to course material, and downloadable practices
  • Compassion practices are highly usable and easy to adapt to your personal situation

from € 150

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Live training

The Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program

  • Live and live online training in the full MSC-program as developed by Germer and Neff.
  • Self-Compassion is closely linket to mental health and well being, and reducess stress, anxiety and depression
  • Direct experience of more than 20 practices, including how to twist each practice to your situation
  • My extensive experience ensures maximum benefit. I've taught the full program to 1500 + participants
  • Relevant for professional as well as personal use
  • Counts as pre-requisite for MSC Teacher Training

from $ 575

Sign-up is done through the organizer. I teach for organizations in USA, India and China

Teacher Training

Integrate compassion in your life and work

  • I teach on all levels of the MSC Teacher Training
  • Courses are offered by CMSC in the US - see more here
  • Courses are offered by Self-Compassion Academy in Holland - see more here
  • The Teacher Training is an oppertunity for you to dive much deeper in your own practice og and understanding of Self-Compassion

What do others say about learning Self-Compassion from me?

Thankyou for all the ressources and support thoughout! Thank you & thank you for having been such a wonderful & outstanding instructor! I won't ever forget you and the impact this course has had on me!


Teacher, USA

I completed the survey and noticed there was not a question about the instructor. I cannot emphasize enough how fantastic and supportive Helle is. I wasn’t sure if this course was too “woo woo” and she immediately grounded that concern with her pragmatic yet gentle approach.

Her style made the content relatable and she truly reached the class in a way that enabled and sparked transformation. I am considering signing up again when the course is offered by her.


Project Manager, Canada

It was a privilege and enlightening experience to share this journey with you. Your wisdom and discernment simplified a foreign and difficult concept for me. It has made me want to explore MSC on a deeper level.


Palliative care nurse, South Africa

I want you to know how much I'm already getting out of this course. It's changed the way I think about myself, the way I talk to myself, and the way I treat myself.

I'm a longtime Buddhist meditator and this course has "warmed up" my approach to meditation and to life in general.


Nurse, Germany

I am the Senior Psychologist for my organization and I practice therapy in our outpatient mental health clinic.  I cannot recommend Helle’s Mindful Self-Compassion course highly enough.  I came into the class with about 2.5 years of mindful self-compassion practice and her course significantly deepened my understanding of the concepts and my ability to practice self-compassion in the hustle and bustle of my daily life.  I took the course in the live online format and loved being in a group with people from all over the world!  I would strongly recommend this course for anyone working in medicine or healthcare or really any challenging field.  I feel like I am much more able to connect to myself with warmth and compassion now and, because of that, am better able to connect with my partner, family, coworkers, and staff warmly and with compassion. 

Shannon Woller

Director and Senior Psychologist, Mental Health Clinic Richard L. Roudebush, IN, USA

I was happily surprised by the warm feelings that the group was able to generate being so far away geographically. I have only words of gratitude and appreciation for you, your work, the structure of the course and each person in the class.

The atmosphere of compassion surrounded and supported my life during the course. It gave me a deep sense that this is how I want to live. I loved every practice and respectful sharing we did. The 'Compassion break' helped me especially to reduce my reactivity in difficult situations with my kids.


Licensed psychologist, Argentina

As a psychologist, compassion focused therapist and facilitator of compassionate mind training groups, I attended the LOMSC with a spirit of curiosity and to “perfect” my compassionate skills.  I deeply appreciated Helle Laursen’s ability to convey the spirit of self-compassion, creating a safe digital space with attendants from all around the world, with respect and warmth, wisdom and playfulness. Once again, the glory of compassion showed me that perfecting my compassionate skills is about embracing my imperfections and building the courage of taking responsibly for them. I would love to participate again in this course!  You have been a very skilful, sensitive and caring teacher. Thank you!

Elli Tholouli, 

Licensed psychologist, Athens, Greece

About Helle Laursen

Helle is a Certified MSC Teacher from University of California UCSD,  Teacher Trainer and Supervisor of the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program.  Heartfulness meditation trainer, with a private practice in Silkeborg, Denmark, with 20 + years of experience in supporting people on sick leave due to mental health issues. She has taught the MSC-program since 2014, and have had 1600+ participants through the program. She teaches on the MSC Teacher Training pathway, offered through the Center for MSC.

For more than 25 years she has been a dedicated student of Heartfulness meditation and enjoys regular visits to Ashrams, to deepen her own practice and understanding. After completing her M.A., she became a ICF certified coach, and had a position of Leading Mentor Coach in the largest Coach Training Institue in Denmark, for 10 + years, as well as holding a position of Head of Project for a regional based 12 week program for those of sick leave from jobs due to mental health issues like stress, depression and/or anxiety.

Helle works with varied groups, but primarily with social workers, teachers, psychologists, therapists, nurses and other industries who work in and with relations to clients, citizens, students. She offers individual and corporate compassion programs and hourly consultations.

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