Let me introduce myself

I am a certified teacher, Teacher Trainer and supervisor of the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program.  I teach internationally for organizations in Denmark, USA, Holland and China.

My focus is particularly on relationships - especially for those who are professional caregivers.

Helle Laursen

Why learn Self-Compassion from me?

Self-Compassion helps us build empathy, clear personal boundaries, have integrity and an easier time navigating difficult emotions, as well as less anxiety, exhaustion, and stress reactions.

I am a senior MSC teacher, teacher trainer and supervisor of the MSC program, and I have supported 2000+ going through the MSC program.  I am on the faculty of the Center for MSC in USA, I teach for organizations in China, Holland, Denmark.

All of my teaching is aimed at empowering you, ensuring you can use Self-Compassion in everyday life and the tools are simple, effective, and easy to adapt to your daily life.

My own story

Listen to why I made a decision over 20 years ago to regain agency in my own life - and why it has everything to do with Self-Compassion.

My professional background

I have a master's degree from Aarhus University in Denmark, and have worked in various contexts related to mental health. See some of it below. Today I devote all my time to offering Self-Compassion training in various organizations aorund the globe.

Helle Laursen UCSD
  • Daily Leader in a municipal project assisting those on sich leave with stress and/or depression.
  • Conducted psychological workplace assessments (APV), including dialog meetings and follow-ups, in companies and medium-sized organizations (up to 150 employees), following the recommendations of the National Research Institute. This was primarily in industries with high emotional demands.
  • Served as a senior leading mentor at Manning Inspire, the largest coach training organization in Denmark for 10+ years. I am also a Certified Integrative Coach Professional, specializing in relationship work, trained by Debbie Ford in the USA.

Here are a few professional references

  • Center for MSC in the USA: Regular instructor for their international courses, teacher training, and supervisor for those seeking instructor certification from the University of California.
  • Self Compassion Academy in Holland - teaching MSC courses and Teacher Training and Supervision
  • Danish Police: Workplace environment leaders.
  • Aarhus Academy: Teaching Compassion to associate professors on the faculty
  • Køge Municipality: Preventing empathy fatigue.
  • Vejle Municipality: Support for 70 employees over three months during a major internal organizational change.
  • Seminarer.dk: Empathy fatigue and Compassion.
  • Ungeguiden, Silkeborg Municipality: Individual teaching Compassion to young people.
  • Aabenraa Municipality, Autismecenter Syd: Compassion strategies.
  • Danmarks Privatskoleforening: Three-day residential teaching program Strategies for Difficult Communication.
  • CFU i Ålborg, Hjørring samt Bornholm: Strategies for Difficult Communication.
  • VIA University College, Aarhus: MSC course open to all employees, as general competence development. Twice a year since 2019.
  • On the faculty for '5P Medical App' a Chinese course provider offering Compassion courses.
  • CFD: Workshop on compassion strategies and empathy fatigue for employees.
  • Herning Municipality: Several workshops for leaders on compassion and empathy fatigue.
  • The Social Emergency Room Aalborg: Workshop on compassion and self-compassion for all employees and volunteers.
  • Kornmod Realskole Silkeborg: Conducting a psychological APV, including leadership sparring and dialogue meetings with all employees.
  • University College Lillebælt: Strategies for Difficult Communication.
  • Hostruphus Revisorerne: Conducting a psychological APV, including leadership sparring and dialogue meetings with all employees.
  • AOF Midt: Developed a work environment concept for all departments and taught management and AMR (Work Environment Representatives).

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