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You can't overuse empathy, but you can lose yourself. Featuring self-compassion specialist Helle Laursen.

Marie Steenberger's podcast explores blind spots in us humans, especially in experts. Listen in and hear about some of my blind spots.

How can you master inner turbulence?

The answer is compassion. A conversation with Helle Laursen, hosted by Camilla Qwist. Learn about mindful self-compassion as a method that can help you deal with discomfort, stress, and inner turbulence. We delve into self-criticism, mindfulness, and empathy fatigue.

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Listen to my personal journey towards more Self-Compassion

Hear how a single day over 20 years ago began my search for what I didn't (yet) know was Self-Compassion.

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  • Learn more about what Self-Compassion is
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  • The ONE exercise that makes Self-Compassion concrete and practical
  • Replace your invisible inner automatic reaction that increases stress
  • 10-minute video on what Self-Compassion is (and isn't)
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Prevent compassion fatigue
with Self-Compassion

Access the free on-demand webinar 'Prevent Compassion Fatigue with Self-Compassion.'

In 48 minutes, you will gain an understanding of how your inherent empathetic ability is not only a strength but also potentially a source of exhaustion. Learn the latest research that nuances what empathy does to us so you can build resources and prevent compassion fatigue.

What can you expect as a participant:

  • Gain insight into why Self-Compassion is an effective antidote to compassion fatigue
  • Discover the surprising difference between empathy and compassion, revealed by an MRI scan
  • Nuance your understanding of empathy so that your empathetic ability does not drain your energy
  • Learn the one vital skill you need to master to reduce compassion fatigue
  • Understand the most important reservations about Self-Compassion (all based on misunderstandings according to research)
  • Discover why your personal ability to practice Self-Compassion enhances your professionalism when under pressure

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