Self-paced audio course

Self-Compassion for difficult emotions

Foundations of Self-Compassion #1

SelfCompassion for difficult emotions

Self-Compassion helps you
overcome difficult emotions

This self-paces step-by-step audio course gives you key Self-Compassion practices

to lessen difficult emotions with more ease.

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In just 3 hours you will discover how much easier you can untangle from difficult emotions

Self-Compassion helps you build inner ressources,
so that you can relate with more ease to what is uncomfortable or difficult.

You will learn

  • To use Self-Compassion to get out of difficult emotions or overwhelm
  • To reduce the time unpleasant feelings  may consume you
  • To strengthen mental and emotional resources, so that you can stand stronger in face of discomfort
  • 4 Self-Compassion practices that can be used on-the-go in your daily life

Although it is human and very normal to experience unpleasant feelings, it is super frustrating. Especially when they linger for hours, days or even weeks. Self-Compassion is the ability to support yourself in the midst of difficulties, so that you'll have more capacity for everyone else.

New to Self-Compassion ?

This self-paced audio course gives you the fundamentals og Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion for difficult emotions

This is for you if one of the below options fit you

  • Looking for practical training in Self-Compassion
  • Want to understand what Self-Compassion is, and is not
  • Looking for a gounded and down to earth explanation of why Self-compassion lessens difficult emotions
  • Prefer very concrete exercises that can be used effectively in the midst of the everyday challenges 

Self-Compassion helps you build mental and emotional resources.

Why learn from me?

Hi I am Helle Laursen. I am a senior teacher, Teacher Trainer and Supervisor in the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program. I have had more than 2000 participants through the program over the last 10 years. I teach internationaly for Center for MSC i USA, I teach in China (online) and I teach for The Self Compassion Academy in Holland.

My focus is on making Self-Compassion useful for you in the midst of daily activities. Self-Compassion is much more than a technique, it is warming up the quality of relationship you have with yourself and everyone around you.

Helle Laursen Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion is correlated to mental health

The research is clear:

  • Self-Compassion reduces stress, depression, stress and anxiety
  •  it increases life satisfaction and joy and improves relationships
  • makes it easier to handle unpleasant feelings, conflicts and difficult situations

    In short, you are in good hands, with an effective, simple and evidence-based method like Self-Compassion
Self-Compassion for difficult emotions

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This is what you'll get 

This self-paced audio course is made for you who are curious upon Self-Compassion and want to know what it is, why it works and how you can get started right away.

You'll get:

  • Audio recording more than 3-hours, plus a FAQ to help you get started
  • Workbook with reflection questions, a guide to get the most out of the course, plus the slides I refer to during the audio
  • Access to a video with the same content, but recorded with the appropiate slides if you are a visual learner
  • Four exercises that can reduce unpleasant feelings: 1. Soothing touch, 2. Self-compassion Break, 3. Soles of the feet, 4. Softening, Soothing, Allowing
  • Exercises are available as separate audio files, for you to have them with you wherever you go
  • All audio material can be downloaded and saved so you can use it again and again in your own pace
Self-Compassion for difficult emotions

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Self-Compassion for difficult emotions

VAT will be added if you live within EU

SelfCompassion for difficult emotions