Self-paced audio course

Self-Compassion for difficult emtions

Foundations of Self-Compassion #1

Self-Compassion Audio course

Self-Compassion helps you
overcome difficult emotions

This self-paces step-by-step audio course shows you how to use key Self-Compassion practices to lessen difficult emotions with more ease.

In just 3 hours you will discover how much easier it is to untangle from difficult emotions

Self-Compassion helps you build inner ressources, so that you can relate with more ease to what is uncomfortable or difficult

You will learn

  • How to use Self-Compassion to get out of difficult emotions or out of overwhelme with more ease
  •  How to reduce the time unpleasant feelings  may consume you
  • Perhaps you are not 'captured' by feelings, but rather by thoughts or moods and sensations in the body? They are all different experiences of the same thing, and I call it all emotions in this course
  • Self-Compassion is a very concrete path to strengthen mental and emotional resources, so that you can stand stronger in discomfort
  • 4 Self-Compassion practices that can be used on-the-go in your daily life

Although it is human and very normal to experience unpleasant feelings, it is super frustrating. Especially when they linger for hours, days or maybe even weeks. Self-Compassion brings in support for you, and makes it easier for you to lessen the discomfort.

Self-Compassion makes a difference because

  • You can use all the tools from the course in the midst of your (work)day. Once you know them, you don't need to set aside separate time for it.
  • This self-paced course draws upon the 'Mindful Self-Compassion(MSC)' that is created by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer, USA.
  • The focus is practical training in Self-Compassion. Nothing else. It builds your inner resources and can be used in all situations.
  • The exercises are very concrete and can be used with great effectiveness in the midst of the everyday challenges you are in.

Self-Compassion is about gaining more mental and emotional resources.
It's like putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

Why train Self-Compassion with me?

Hi I am Helle Laursen. I am a senior teacher, Teacher Trainer and Supervisor in the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program. I ahve had more than 2000 participants through the program over the last 10 years. I teach internationaly for Center for MSC i USA, I teach in China (online) and I teach for The Self Compassion Academy in Holland.

My focus is on making Self-Compassion useful for you in the midst of daily activities. Self-Compassion is much more than a technique, it is warming up the quality of relationship you have with yourself and everyone around you.

Helle Laursen

How does one train?

The training is hand-on and gives you concrete and useful applications of Self-Compassion from day one. The program consits of brief teaching from my and the excercises, refelctions, meditations and discussions to ensure you can use and adjust all we do to your life circumstance.

How does one train?

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